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Tensor Cad is a TensorCadCam product

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                             √   Cad software made for the mechanical world
                             √   Very easy in use 2d Cad program
                             √   On your way within the hour
                             √   Manual plus videos
                             √   Import and export of DXF and IGES
                             √   Perfect software for technical documentation
                             √   Enhanced automation by using scripts
                             √   Very fair priced
                             √   Extendable to CNC-programming
                             √   Thousands of happy Tensor Cad users         

"Often my clients send me a quick sketch of their ideas or parts they want me to make. Therefore I quickly draw up a new drawing within Tensor Cad accompanied by dimensions. The client then sees his ideas transformed in an accurate mechanical drawing. After approval or small changes we can then start production"

Wim de Kort of Toolshop de Kort

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